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Children Previously in Care

Children Previously in Care

This includes children who are the subject of:

  • an Adoption order
  • a Special Guardianship Order (SGO)
  • a Child Arrangement Order (CAO)

This also includes children who were adopted from ‘state care’ outside England and Wales. ‘State care’ is care provided by a public authority, a religious organisation, or any other organisation whose sole or main purpose is to benefit society.

It does not include those children who have been ‘looked after’ and have returned to the care of their parents.

What is the role of the Virtual School for these children and their families?

For children previously in care, the Virtual School is a source of advice and information to help their parents/carers to advocate for them as effectively as possible. Virtual Schools are not acting as part of the corporate parent role in these circumstances, but are there to promote the educational achievement of these children through the provision of advice and information to relevant parties. 

These parties include:

  • Parents/carers
  • Staff within education settings
  • Social workers from the Adoption Team or Connected Persons Team
  • Other Local Authority teams e.g. SEND services

The Virtual School can provide generic advice and information, however, if you require a conversation around a specific child, we will need parental consent. Please complete the referral form and send with your enquiry to

Referral form

Information for parents and carers

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