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This web page holds a termly record of recent information sent to the sector from the Cambridgeshire Early Years and Childcare Service (CambsEYC). Further updates, and resources, can be found via the dedicated CambsEYC Knowledge Hubs.

  • Making it REAL two-day training, March 2024    A final opportunity to attend the full 'Making it REAL' training course free of charge. 26 February
  • Girls and ASD in the early years workshop    Announcement of a second training date. 21 February
  • Girls and ASD in the early years workshop    Free training to support practitioners to recognise how the needs of girls with autism may present in an early years setting. 19 February

  • Childminder Mentor Programme Information and link for the DfE Early Years Childminder Mentor Programme. 9 February
  • Message from Jon Lewis - Education Service Director - Goodbye Communication from Jon saying goodbye to the sector. 6 February
  • Measles - Letter for parents/guardians Communication from Director of Public Health re measles and vaccination. 2 February
  • Early Years Experts and Mentors Programme Updated information for settings* on the Experts and Mentors programme from the DfE. 31 January *[Size: 138KB File format: pdf]
  • Early Years and Childcare National Recruitment Campaign Information about the DfE recruitment campaign, encouraging settings to post their job vacancies on the ‘Find a job’ website. 30 January
  • Wraparound survey The wraparound survey link was sent to PVI providers for completion by Monday, 12 February 2024. 30 January
  • Funding webinar information Information from January's early years funding webinar for Cambridgeshire early years and childcare providers. 25 January
  • Early Years Funding rates 2024-25 Confirmation of the early years funding rates for 2024-25 financial year. 18 January
  • Indicative Funding Rates for 2024-25 and New Early Years Funding Entitlements The indicative early years funding rates published, and a reminder of the new childcare entitlement for working families with a two-year-old. 5 January
  • Wellies in the Woods Free Groundwork East events aimed at helping parents learn more about how to support their little one’s literacy development. 4 January

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