Knowledge Hub is a collaborative platform utilised by the Cambridgeshire Early Years and Childcare Service (CambsEYC) to share information, conversation, and ideas between sector colleagues and schools with early years provision. 

Within Knowledge Hub, CambsEYC offers service-specific groups/hubs tailored around a particular topic. In which you can access several need-to-know documents, guidance strategies, and resources.

To view the assets within a specific hub or be part of a group discussion, you must first register a free account and create a user profile. Once registered, you can request to join as many hubs as you like, and you will only need to log in once to view activity across all of your groups.

Select a heading below to learn more about the different CambsEYC Knowledge Hubs and to be directed to a group page of interest:

A group for Early Years settings in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough areas to share ideas and resources to support the use of 50 Things To Do in settings and in partnership with parents.

A closed group for all childminders in Cambridgeshire, run by PACEY as part of their work for Cambridgeshire County Council. Your PACEY Childminding Support and Development Team New and experienced childminders can contact their CSDO for help and advice on any childminding queries or concerns.

A group to support networking of leaders in the early years private and voluntary and independent sectors. When you send a request to join, please state your setting name.

This group has been created to support the sharing of the Early Years Quality Framework approach, content and supporting tool kits with Cambridgeshire Early Years and Childcare providers. It is for Cambridgeshire Providers only. All materials are copyright Cambridgeshire County Council, and are provided free of charge in editable file format to providers in the county. They are available to buy for providers and local authorities outside of Cambridgeshire.

A collaborative Hub, sharing key safeguarding information and guidance, for Cambridgeshire DPs working in the private, voluntary and independent (PVI) Early Years and Out of School sectors including childminders. DPs can download free resources from the 'Library' tab and post a question using the 'Forum' tab. Also see regular announcements located below on our home page.

A group to support early years setting based SENCos and to encourage networking and good practice. When you request to join please state which setting you are from and your job title.

CambsEYC promotes equalities and inclusion in all early years and childcare settings.

As a best practice, every setting is recommended to have a named person who has undertaken appropriate training to ensure that they can effectively support and champion equality and diversity in the setting. To raise awareness of equality issues with all setting staff and users including managers, owners, committees, volunteers, parents, and children.

This group aims to support Cambridgeshire setting-based ENCos to continually improve the practice already in their setting.  

Please include the name of the setting you belong to and your job title, when requesting to join the group.

A collaborative hub to share information and Forest School practices. Please send your request to to join the Cambridgeshire County Council Forest School community.

A private group for Cambridgeshire playworkers in out-of-school and holiday provision to network and share good practice ideas and questions.

This group is for practitioners, governors and Head Teachers who are actively involved in the Early Years Foundation Stage in Cambridgeshire schools.

A group for Cambridgeshire's Early Years Lead Practitioners to network and share ideas.