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PEPs and PP+

The Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a statutory process. It forms the education element of the care planning for the child.

The PEP must be initiated within ten days of the child entering care. The Virtual School require information from the education setting and social worker to do this. Moving forward, the PEP must be reviewed and updated on a termly basis. It is advised that the meeting takes place towards the end of the term to enable a review of the child’s progress (including attainment), outcomes to be set for the following term and related requests made for pupil premium plus. The document must be submitted by the submission deadline.

The designated teacher is the main author and champion of the Personal Education Plan (PEP) within the school context. The social worker is responsible for completing the care section of the PEP. It is expected that key members of the team supporting the child attend and contribute to the PEP meeting; this includes the carer, designated teacher and social worker. The child or young person should be encouraged to make a meaningful contribution. This may mean attending the full meeting, part of the meeting and / or meeting with a key adult to discuss content of the PEP and ensure their views are accurately represented and responded to.

For support with the PEP please email where you will be directed to our PEP Champion.

PEP Submission Dates

Spring Term - Wednesday 6 March 2024

Summer Term - Wednesday 26 June 2024

Summer Term submission deadline for Year 11s is Wednesday 15 May 2024

Pupil Premium Plus

Pupil premium plus for children in care is additional funding provided to help improve the attainment of children in care and close the attainment gap between them and their peers. It cannot be used to fund services the local authority is responsible for funding, such as to support foster carers, school uniform or transport. It is the responsibility of the Virtual School Head Teacher to allocate the funding. In Cambridgeshire funding is allocated to school aged children through requests made in the PEP. Funding requests must be linked to desirable outcomes.

Useful Documents

PP+ Policy253KBpdf
Size: 253KBFile format: pdf
Early Years QA Guidance186KBpdf
Size: 186KBFile format: pdf
SSA QA Guidance243KBpdf
Size: 243KBFile format: pdf
Post 16 QA Guidance239KBpdf
Size: 239KBFile format: pdf
Pupil Voice in the PEP200KBpdf
Size: 200KBFile format: pdf
Useful Links215KBpdf
Size: 215KBFile format: pdf

Exemplar PEPs

KS1 Exemplar PEP338KBpdf
Size: 338KBFile format: pdf
KS2 Exemplar PEP335KBpdf
Size: 335KBFile format: pdf
KS3 Exemplar PEP350KBpdf
Size: 350KBFile format: pdf
KS4 Exemplar PEP350KBpdf
Size: 350KBFile format: pdf
Post 16 Exemplar PEP364KBpdf
Size: 364KBFile format: pdf
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