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Cambridgeshire Leadership Advisers

The Leadership Advisers assist and guide school leadership teams in relation to all areas of school leadership and management (apart from Curriculum and Standards), particularly safeguarding.

Phil Nash
Senior Adviser for Leadership
Tel: 07920 270820

Rachael Schofield
Leadership Adviser
Tel: 07765 742629

Course Offering 2023-2024

The Leadership Advisers offer a range of ‘bitesize’ virtual courses (between 60-90 minutes) on the leadership and management of safeguarding in schools. Alternatively, any of these courses may be booked separately by schools for whole staff meetings/Governing Body training.

Leadership Adviser Course Offer

Safer Recruitment

All schools must ensure they have sufficient staff (and governors) who have received safer recruitment training. Updates are recommended every 3 years. Training is provided via Governor Services but can also be booked directly for individual schools or academy trusts.

A comprehensive and complete single central record must be maintained, fulfilling the requirements of the latest version of Keeping Children Safe in Education. Details of SCR training are listed in the course offering section above. 

Safer Recruitment resources

Online Searches Guidance62KBword
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Model SCR spreadsheet42KBexcel
Size: 42KBFile format: excel

Safeguarding Reviews

Leadership Advisers carry out safeguarding reviews in primary, secondary and special schools, including academies. The aim is for every maintained school to receive either a full or targeted safeguarding review on a 3-year rolling cycle unless there have been significant changes in leadership, or concerns have been raised or other related issues have emerged. A charge is applied for reviews undertaken for academies.

Reviews have the following aims:

  1. To review school practice and procedures associated with the Leadership and Management of safeguarding within the school.
  2. To identify strengths and areas for development or improvement.
  3. To offer support and advice as required.


Schools must respond to concerns and complaints in an appropriate and timely manner, ensuring that process, timescales and roles are determined. In 2023 Cambridgeshire published an updated policy and guidance notes. This policy has three formal steps, culminating in a Panel Review, which will re-examine the complaint afresh. The Leadership Advisers can be requested to attend Panel Review meetings. The presence of an adviser might provide reassurance to both the panel and the complainant that the complaint has been reviewed thoroughly and objectively. It may also help save the panel time and improve the quality of the outcome letter to the complainant. There is, however, a charge applied for this support.

The Leadership Advisers provide training in managing complaints (listed in the course offering section above).

Complaints documents

Model Complaints Policy105KBword
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Critical Incidents

The Leadership Advisers can be contacted by school leaders to support the response to critical or major incidents. Schools are advised to practice invacuation, evacuation, prepare for a range of emergency situations and nominate a critical incident response team (with defined roles).

The Leadership Advisers provide training in responding to critical and major incidents (listed in the course offering section above).

Guidance on critical and major incidents


Schools must respond appropriately to allegations and low-level concerns. The Leadership Advisers can provide support to ensure Headteachers are confident about when to make referrals to LADO and in following the appropriate processes.

The Leadership Advisers provide training in managing allegations and low-level concerns (listed in the course offering section above).

Allegations guidance documents

Dealing with Challenging Parents

Whilst it is hoped that all communications can be respectful and appropriate, this is not always the case with some school leaders encountering abusive and aggressive parents. The Leadership Advisers can be contacted by school leaders to provide support and advice.

The Leadership Advisers provide training in dealing with challenging parents which will provide template letters and guidance (listed in the course offering section above).

The Leadership Advisers can also be requested to attend face to face meetings by school leaders. There may, however, a charge applied for this support. 

Safeguarding Flowchart

Safeguarding flowchart126KBword
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Whistleblowing is when someone raises a concern about dangerous or illegal activity or any wrongdoing within their organisation. Schools should have clear procedures in place for whistleblowing, and staff must acknowledge their individual responsibility to bring matters of concern to the attention of senior management and/or relevant agencies. This is particularly important where the welfare of children may be at risk. The most recent Cambridgeshire whistleblowing poster is below.     

Whistleblowing Poster

Leadership and Management of Safeguarding Courses

Click the link below and select `Book', next to the heading `Leadership and Management of Safeguarding' 

Leadership and Management of Safeguarding courses (School Improvement)