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Professional Development and Improvement Adviser

Professional Development and Improvement Adviser Offer

A Professional Development and Improvement Adviser can offer bespoke school improvement and development activities tailored to the precise needs of the school and individuals within it.

The strength of Professional Development and Improvement Adviser work lies in building relationships with school teams over a period of time so that improvements are sustainable and capacity is developed.

Most schools therefore commit to the 6 day package as a minimum as it also represents good value.

The Professional Development and Improvement Adviser (Primary) shares expertise and experiences from working in a wide range of schools as an adviser and from teaching and Senior Leadership roles prior to that.

The menu of activities provides an indication of the diverse range of work undertaken.


  • Coaching and mentoring for Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, phase/team leaders
  • Undertaking monitoring activities with senior or middle leaders
  • Supporting school improvement and termly planning
  • Supporting how to manage and lead senior leadership team
  • Leading middle leadership training for

Managing Performance

  • Support the writing and delivery of support packages
  • Undertaking developmental work with individual teachers

Teaching and Learning

  • Modelling teaching, team teaching
  • Supporting working with staff during PPA including effective time management
  • Bespoke professional development training with teachers and/ or Teaching Assistants
  • Supporting during Pupil Progress Meetings


Leading staff meetings on aspects of High Quality Teaching including:

  • differentiation
  • success criteria
  • marking and response
  • guided group work
  • maximising impact of TAs during whole class teaching
  • mid-lesson formative assessment opportunities

Whole school curriculum development

Cluster/group training for NQTs, middle leaders and senior leaders

Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing training for school staff (including Governors)


Cambridgeshire Primary School Improvement Courses, Conferences and Briefings 2022/23

Professional Development and Improvement Adviser

Contact: Juliet Adloune

Fully Qualified Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Telephone: 07768 711634