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Cambridgeshire SEND Training

SEND Training

Cambridgeshire’s SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Specialist Services 0-25 years provide a range of professional services for children, young people and families in a wide range of educational and community settings. We use the expertise of an incorporated multi-professional service (consisting of psychologists and educational professionals) to offer schools and settings a bespoke approach to removing barriers to learning (including academic, social, and emotional barriers).

Additionally, we offer a range of packages that schools, and settings can commission from our teams. We work collaboratively with schools to support a range of needs and priorities, drawing upon theory and research of ‘what works’, to develop an understanding of complex situations.

Schools may wish to use their Specialist Teacher (ST) visits to ‘fund’ training. Courses will state how many hours are needed. Schools can still purchase training on top of their time allocation; a price is quoted for all courses.

All primary and secondary schools will have access to a rolling programme of core training offered throughout the year. This will consist of a combination of virtual and face to face open courses bookable via booking bug. Time allocation hours will be redistributed to ensure that all schools have access to training. Training will be free (or, where licencing fees or venue hire applies at a very minimal cost). Each course will run 2 – 4 times per term.

Please see booking bug for details of the open training that is available.

Training courses can be arranged by contacting your link Educational Psychologist or Specialist teacher or by contacting SEND training

Open training courses, such as Steps tutor training, ELKLAN and SENCO briefings are available.

An Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) is often a TA or LSA equipped to offer individualised or small group support for children or young people who are experiencing temporary or long term additional emotional needs. This provides a safe and supportive relationship within which children can think through challenges.

Elklan 2-day course for SENCO’s/teachers/SLT - £180

This 2-day course for provides the necessary understanding to direct and utilise the skills of Elklan trained Teaching Assistants. The course covers the theory and practical elements of the 11 weeks ‘Speech and Language Support for 5-11’s’ and explains the additional portfolio activities that Teaching Assistants complete as part of the accredited course. We will look at strategies to support a range of needs including Blank levels, Information Carrying Words, Vocabulary development, Attention and Concentration, Memory, and Speech difficulties. Price: £180 covers both days training, the Elklan ‘Language Builders’ manual, and lunch.

Elklan 11 week ‘Speech & Language Support for 5-11s’ - £415 (includes copy of Language Builders)

An e-learning course providing practical training activities for staff working in primary schools to enable them to develop the speech and language skills of ALL children but especially those with speech and language difficulties and English as an Additional Language. Delivered over 11 weekly sessions you will access 10 interactive online learning sessions and 11x1 hour weekly group webinar sessions with your tutors – local SLTs and STs. For homework you will practice skills in your school to complete your learning log to demonstrate your understanding. Learning log activities are submitted weekly for marking. On successful completion of your learning log, you will receive a nine-credit award in ‘Supporting Language and Learning for 5-11s’ at Level 2 or Level 3.

Total time commitment:

  • Level 2 is 50-60 hours.
  • Level 3 is 70-80 hours.