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Cambridgeshire Maths Conference 2024

Cambridgeshire Maths Conference - Maths for All

Audience: Head teachers, senior leaders, maths subject leaders and primary teachers


  • To consider effective strategies for teaching maths to inspire and engage all pupils
  • To explore practical approaches to implement in schools
  • To share successes in maths from schools and initiatives across Cambridgeshire
  • To provide opportunities to network with colleagues and broaden subject knowledge

Description: This is a one-day conference focusing on developing children’s understanding and application of mathematical concepts, through rich and varied opportunities.

Feedback (from the Cambridgeshire Maths Conference in 2022):

‘A great day with excellent speakers and inspiring workshops.’

‘A great day. I feel inspired and motivated to make changes and great to be able to network with others.’

‘Really impressed with the workshops which left me feeling more enthused about maths!’

‘What a great day out! I’m feeling inspired.’

‘A really thought-provoking day with lots of hands on, practical activities. Nice to give things a go and put ourselves in our pupils’ shoes.’

‘Lots of excellent practical tasks which have given me so many ideas to use at school. I am now very keen to share these activities with my colleagues.’

Confirmed speakers and workshop presenters:

Cambs Maths Team - Gary Casey (Lead Adviser for Maths and English)

Cambs Maths Team - Becky Moseley (Maths Adviser)

Cambs Maths Team - Tracey Sandhu (Maths Adviser)

NRICH - Dr Ems Lord (Director)

NRICH - Liz Woodham (Primary Coordinator)

Freestyle Maths - Richard Brown (Director)

Natural Curriculum - David Millington (Creator and Primary School Teacher)

Venue: Delta Hotel by Marriott, Huntingdon, PE29 6FL

Date: Thursday 07/11/24

Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm (lunch and refreshments included)

Cost: £130 per person

Book: online via

Next Maths Conference: 2026 (Look out for the Cambridgeshire English Conference in 2025)

Maths Conference logos
Maths conference logos

If you have any questions please contact