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Cambridgeshire English and Maths Team

Our Team

Gary Casey is the Lead Adviser for English and Maths. Email (

The English Team includes Anna Walker, Kathryn Brereton, Alice Philpin and Liz Holmes. Kathryn Brereton is able to lead training focused on English intervention programmes, linked with Edgehill University.

The Maths Team includes Gary Casey, Tracey Sandhu and Becky Moseley. Gary and Tracey are able to lead training focused on maths intervention programmes, linked with Edge Hill University.

The team is able to work with teachers and school leaders, particularly promoting the role of subject leaders, providing both support and challenge whilst driving improvements across the school.

 In-school support:

  • Support subject leaders to develop and evaluate the curriculum, policies and action plans, lead CPD

  • Developing teaching and learning through: planning support, model or team teaching, evaluating and developing assessments, pupil diagnostics

  • Support SENCo/ inclusion managers to identify barriers using data and consider additional provision and /or interventions to secure progress of pupils with specific needs
  • Working with governors to support knowledge of expectations and help identify strengths and challenges in the provision and data for English and maths.

During a visit it would be possible for the adviser to undertake identified activities, providing both support and challenge which are integral to ensuring the development of the school’s identified areas for action.

Other services the team can provide include:

  • Staff meetings
  • Subject or topic audits, such as Reading or Phonics audits
  • Intervention support
  • Provide training on Edge Hill intervention programmes
  • Closing the gap and effective use of pupil premium support
  • Diagnostic work with groups or individuals
  • Teaching Assistant training
  • Cluster working
  • Moderation preparation
  • Workshops for parents

Knowledge Hub

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Standard Rate of £100 per hour or £480 a day (up to 5 hours). Other services are charged individually to include materials.

Special Offers:

  • 4 days of support for £1750 if agreed in advance
  • 6 days of support for £2500 if agreed in advance
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