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Information and Resources for Subject Leaders

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Maths and English Summer Learning Packs

Please find below the Moving On Up summer learning packs for supporting transition into year groups 1 to 6. These can be downloaded and printed for free.

Children will not require access to the internet to be able to complete the activities and each pack contains useful resources such: as digit cards, dice templates and spinners.

Schools are free to download the booklets and print them out as physical packs for children to take home and complete, or send them out to pupils as electronic documents. If you choose to print the packs we recommend that they are printed in colour, where possible, and A4 size. We also advise that the resource pages are not printed back-to-back so they can be cut out and kept.

The original intent behind the resources was to support disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils over the summer holidays, however we believe that the packs could be used more widely with other pupils if schools wish to do so. You will also notice that no reference is made to the year group pupils are moving to on the front cover or in the text inside the packs. This means that if a school feels that one or two pupils would benefit from receiving a learning pack from another year group, this can be managed sensitively.

Praise and Thanks for Moving On Up
Feedback from schools

In addition to the packs we have created activity charts for English and maths which you may wish to share with children. The charts invite children to colour-in a picture or pattern each time they complete an activity. By completing more tasks they add more colour, which motivates them to keep going. If you would like to use these charts, please choose the design which you think will be most appealing to your pupils and print both the English and maths page for each child.

Moving On Up Summer Learning Packs

Moving On Up Activity Charts142KBpdf
Size: 142KBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y1 English24.6MBpdf
Size: 24.6MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y1 Maths17.87MBpdf
Size: 17.87MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y2 English25.07MBpdf
Size: 25.07MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y2 Maths19.12MBpdf
Size: 19.12MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y3 English24.95MBpdf
Size: 24.95MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y3 Maths21.5MBpdf
Size: 21.5MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y4 English8.26MBpdf
Size: 8.26MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y4 Maths18.24MBpdf
Size: 18.24MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y5 English5.02MBpdf
Size: 5.02MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y5 Maths17.7MBpdf
Size: 17.7MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y6 English14.04MBpdf
Size: 14.04MBFile format: pdf
Moving On Up to Y6 Maths17.89MBpdf
Size: 17.89MBFile format: pdf

Additional Resources

Below, you will find further resources to support schools and parents/carers to support home learning.

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Gary Casey - Lead Adviser for English and Maths