Cambridgeshire School Appeals Service

Parents have a legal entitlement to appeal the decision of an admission authority, to refuse their child a school place.

The purpose of an appeal is to balance the school’s difficulties, caused by admitting another child, against the difficulties or circumstances of the child who has been refused a place.

Appeal requests must be heard within statutory timescales, namely:

  • Within 40 school days for appeals requesting a transition place (Year R or Year 7) for September; or
  • Within 30 school days for appeals requesting an in-year placement, in any year group.

Appeals can be submitted at any time throughout the year, but parents are only entitled to submit one appeal per academic year only.

Transition Appeals – these are heard at a specific time of the year, namely: 

  • Year 7 appeals take place throughout May and June each year.
  • Year R appeals take place throughout June and July each year. 

In-Year Appeals – these are heard throughout the year, scheduled as and when they are submitted.