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Pinpoint Annual Survey

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Pinpoint Annual Survey 2024 

Pinpoint is dedicated to amplifying parent / carer voices to those responsible for delivering the essential services our children and young people rely on. 

Who are Pinpoint?

  • They are your local Parent Carer Forum and hub for information, signposting and events for all things SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).
  • They offer free signposting, information, professionally supported workshops and events.
  • They work across Cambridgeshire linking parents and carers to the right professionals.
  • They work to make sure you get the services you need in a way that works for you by feeding back to those who are responsible for them.

Pinpoint Annual Survey Mid-Year Results

Please find a link to Pinpoint’s Annual Survey, Mid-Year Results. When the Survey is open again, a link will be added to access the survey.

Annual Survey 2023