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As the Early Years, Childcare and School Readiness Service we have developed ten agreements to help us meet Cambridgeshire County Council's commitment to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2045. We will...


1. Think carefully about the purpose of meeting face-to-face and whether the meeting could be held via Teams/another online platform. When meeting face-to-face, consider greener travel options where possible.

2. Arrange visits to settings/schools/office buildings in a similar geographical location on the same day to reduce carbon emissions and mileage. Provide colleagues within the service access to a carshare database of people who are willing and able to carshare. Consider the use of Council Pool Cars where appropriate.

3. Consider alternative ways to distribute resources to settings/schools, e.g., using Child and Family Centres, or mobile libraries.


4. Reduce printing by letting delegates know a copy of the slides will be sent after a training session. Trainers will use electronic whiteboard functions in preference to paper flipcharts. QR codes will be used for pre-reading/handouts/evaluations where possible. Delegates will be encouraged to take photos and make notes electronically.

5. Review the location of training venues. Training centres near public transportation routes should be prioritised and delegates will be encouraged to car share where possible. Training venues will be asked to reduce the use of single-use plastics, (e.g., cups/cutlery) and provide a recycling bin. Delegates will be asked to bring their own reusable water bottle and drink cups. Consider using Sunley House for more training sessions as the Council is already heating and maintaining the building.

6. Consider opportunities to promote nature protection and how to be environmentally friendly in training content and delivery.


7. Consider climate change when inviting external partners to collaborate with the Council by explicitly including this in the specification for any procurement, commissioning of services, or bursaries.

8. Review laptop sleep/shutdown functions to save energy when not in use.

9. Ensure we all complete 'Our Climate and Environment Emergency' e-learning and prioritise following this with 'Net Zero: Getting there and my part'.

10. Ensure ‘Net Zero’ is a standing item in team meetings, newsletters, forums, and briefings to the broader sector.

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