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Established in 2004 our NCFE/CACHE-accredited training team have a wealth of experience and expertise across Early Childhood Careers. CECQC prides itself on delivering high-quality training to embed best practices across all qualifications to ensure current and up-to-date knowledge is embedded into practice, providing the best start in life for early childhood in Cambridgeshire.

CECQC provides a safe, informal learning environment with flexible approaches and small learning groups where everyone is valued regardless of age, experience, social, or cultural background, and aims to offer qualifications which enable early childhood careers and pathways to those wishing to enter the workforce – All qualifications offered are recognised by the Department of Education (DfE) to meet the national standards and are licenced to practice.


Introductory courses and qualifications

Cambridgeshire Early Childhood Qualifications Centre (CECQC)

PAP1203 PO Box 761, Huntingdon PE29 9QR.


Telephone: 01223 706 349