Systemic Training in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire County Council aims for Systemic Training to be available to workers at all levels of their professional development. This is to ensure the systemic approach is embedded in a meaningful way throughout the organisation, enhancing complex and quality risk management and delivering meaningful and effective input for families.

> We have a Lead for Systemic Training in post who will be developing our in house offer to practitioners

> Links with Anglia Ruskin University have been established that increase our opportunities to offer accredited training.

Systemic training for Children and Families Services 2016-2017

All the courses delivered in-house emphasise skill development in practice. There will be an emphasis on setting contexts using systemic methods and techniques that will help staff to manage issues of power in this context, and to be able to create structured and measurable interventions directly related to families’ care-plans. This is applicable across the service, and aims to sustain high quality and effective systemic practice.

1. Mandatory Induction for all new staff: Offered 3 times per year and introduces the basic concepts of systemic practice.

2. A ‘practice-based course’ of 10 days. This course is available for social workers and senior family workers within Enhanced &Preventative Services.

3. A ‘Pre-accreditation’ / APEL course: for those wishing to pursue a more academic route.

4. Accredited training: Offered with Anglia Ruskin University

5. Training for Unit Co-ordinators based in Children’s Social Care: addressing specific dilemmas of the role: 6 x ½ days over the year.

6. Clinically focused training:

a) 3 days Domestic abuse training jointly with the domestic abuse strategy team. Using the ‘trial for change’ model developed by the clinical team.

b) 3 x ½ days Parent Infant Mental Health training delivered by the clinical team, using the protocol for assessment model developed by the clinical team.

c) ‘Think family’ systemic reflective practice learning groups in locality services

Cambridgeshire will also be developing systemic input into social work training at Anglia Ruskin University and in partnership with CCC Adult services to support learning around Cambridgeshire model of Systemic Practice.

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