Step Up to Social Work

Cohort 5 2018 - 19

Cambridgeshire are the lead authority for the 2018 - 19 cohort of the Department for Education funded Step Up to Social Work programme. This is our link webpage for anyone in the Eastern Region who is interested or involved in the programme. We will be running an extensive selection process over the summer of 2017; we have 35 places available for trainees who will start the programme at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge in January 2018. They will all be linked to the local authorities who are working with Cambridgeshire to form the East regional partnership, Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Southend on Sea and Thurrock.

Anglia Ruskin University have developed a tailored course that will provide trainees with a rounded knowledge and skills base for working with Children and Families, using the Knowledge and Skills framework.

The Step Up course is significantly different to a conventional MA/BA course. This course has been specifically designed to fit with the accelerated timescales of the programme. This is in recognition that time does not allow for a scaled down version of existing courses and requires a course that is tailored to meet the needs of students with existing experience and/or knowledge. In addition to the academic components of the course, there is bespoke support for the cohort; with personal tutor roles, professional mentoring and specific study skill resource for students returning to study. The students see an ongoing relationship between the university and their assigned local authority, through meetings and joint events. Local authority partners are part of the team that teach and assess students throughout the course. This is an enhanced version of usual practice in other social work courses.

The Knowledge and Skills Statement underpins the foundation of the course, demonstrated by the structure of ‘knowledge and skill’ modules. Modules and individual sessions are mapped against the PCF and the KSS to help students make the connection on an ongoing basis.  Assessment is varied and covers core skills required in practice (critical reflection and analysis, report writing, presentation, research and self-assessment).

The East Regional Partnership Local Authorities aim to use the programme as a recruitment process for attracting graduates to come and work for them. The funding allows us to provide you not just with a bursary and payment of all academic fees, but also to make the links into the organisation through extra support from a Professional Mentor who will encourage your practice skills, and work with the organisation’s recruitment processes to ensure you know the options and opportunities available to you in the workplace on graduation.

For those interested in working in Norfolk and Suffolk

Employment Opportunities: The Suffolk and Norfolk Teaching Partnership creates an infrastructure that will enable recruitment and to develop and maintain social workers of the highest calibre through Step Up to Social Work. It will equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively and creatively with children, young people, families and adults, in a way that will have a measurable impact on improving outcomes. Suffolk County Council operates a rolling programme of recruitment and job opportunities. 

Learning Culture: The Suffolk and Norfolk Partnership has a shared vision of embedding a learning culture that permeates through all levels of social work practice with a system which takes a collaborative approach where social work teaching and practice is informed by sound academic research; where academics are in touch with local practice, and where the social work workforce plays a key and active role in development and delivery of social work education.