Training for Personal Assistants

The Learning & Development Team provides a range of training to the social care workforce.  Many of the courses in the Training Programme are available to Individual Employers and their Personal Assistants.

It is important to identify what learning a personal assistant needs.  To do this they need to think about what knowledge and skills they already have, what knowledge and skills they need to support their Employer’s individual requirements, plan how to do this and then go about putting it into action.  Skills for Care have a booklet:  “A practical guide for personal assistants” that explains this further and provides templates to support your learning journey. 

Skills for Care have another booklet: “Supporting your personal assistant to gain the skills they need”.  This explains why learning and development for personal assistants is important and all of the things you need to think about.  It also provides information about learning for the employer and funding available through the Individual Employer Fund

Some of the courses Skills for Care know employers regularly send their employees on are:

- Moving and Assisting
- First Aid
- Safeguarding
- Fire Safety
- Health and Safety
- Condition Specific Awareness (e.g. diabetes, dementia, autism)
- Infection Control

All of these are available through the Learning & Development Team Training Programme.  Other organisations are able to provide training and Skills for Care can give you further guidance on commissioning these.  Also contact local user led organisations Penderels Trust and Cambridgeshire Alliance for Independent Living for specific training for Individual Employers and their Personal Assistants. 

If you want further information or guidance please contact us. 

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