'Supporting Me’ Workbooks for Personal Assistants

These workbook guides have been designed for people employing Personal Assistants.They were developed by Southdown Housing and Sussex Skills for Care and have been adapted (with permission) to include information and contacts specific to Cambridgeshire.

Each workbook contains some general information for Personal Assistants / Supporters and some general information on the area covered by the workbook.  There are places where you and / or somebody who knows you well can complete personal details about how you would like to be supported and how to provide good support to you.  The workbooks also include details of where you can find out about further information, resources and local contacts.   Each document has been produced in a ‘Word’ format to allow you to work directly with the document and also make it easy to update.

At the present time we are only able to offer workbooks around Learning Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorder / Condition and Challenging Behaviour which can be found below under related documents.  It is hoped to extend the areas that these resources cover in due course

The LGSS Learning & Development Team also offers a variety of training courses. Please email LGSSlearning@cambridgeshire.gov.uk for further information