Medication Resources

We have a variety of resources available to providers to support them in the safe administration and management of medications.

We have the Medication Competency (Knowledge) Workbook available that staff are able to work through with support from their manager, and The Medication Competency (Practical Skills) Frameworks to assist the workplace manager in assessing the safe administration of medication.

There are also specific local policies available for both residential and domiciliary settings.

These are further resources that have been devised by the CCS Medicines Management Team (the authors of the medicine policy) to support you in the safe administration of medicines. 

• The MAR Chart, Prn Chart and Reducing/Increasing dose charts are resources that can be used to record the administration of medicines in accordance with the policy. 

• The Checklists e.g. Patch Checklist are resources designed to  give general advice your support staff. 

• The FAQ (frequently asked questions)or policy support document is updated frequently or as new information is requested/Agreed

• The medicines policy states that a medication risk assessment should be done for all levels of support, the Risk Assessment Tool has been developed to support you in this

• Support workers should have a receipt when returning medicines back to the pharmacy The Medicines Disposal Form is designed for this purpose

The Learning and Development Team also offers a variety of Medication training courses which can be found on iLearn 

CCC Medicines in Dom Settings Policy Sep 2018

Size: 93.67 KB File format: docx

App 2 Medicines Support Needs Assessment

Size: 41.86 KB File format: docx

App 3 meds risk assessment

Size: 95.13 KB File format: docx

App 4 MAR Chart 18

Size: 183.00 KB File format: xls

App 5 MAR Prep Procedure

Size: 151.14 KB File format: docx

App 6 Meds removed for disposal

Size: 58.32 KB File format: docx

App 7 MAR for Reducing & Increasing Doses

Size: 172.00 KB File format: doc

App 8 Meds Administration Procedure

Size: 2.68 MB File format: docx

App 9 MAR for PRN Meds

Size: 166.50 KB File format: doc

Medicine Patch Body Map Chart

Size: 2.66 MB File format: docx

Competency Framework 2018

Size: 132.00 KB File format: doc

Competency Workbook 2018

Size: 157.50 KB File format: doc

Medication Training Standards

Size: 88.50 KB File format: doc

Medication Advice Contacts

Size: 70.21 KB File format: docx

Clinical Alert 023 - Paraffin-based skin products

Size: 159.86 KB File format: pdf

Anticoagulation handout

Size: 934.81 KB File format: docx

Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Medicines List

Size: 19.99 KB File format: docx


Size: 512.51 KB File format: pdf

Poly Pharmacy

Size: 707.66 KB File format: pdf

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