Teach in Cambridgeshire: Teacher Internship Programme

The Cambridgeshire Paid Teacher Internship is a two-year programme that offers a route to obtaining Qualified Teacher Status. It was created by Teachincambs, a county council sponsored collaborative recruitment group.

Who is it for?

It was designed to run alongside other initial teacher training (ITT) routes to provide schools with a career path for people with the potential to be a teacher who would benefit from a more gradual approach and a paid route.

Experience has shown that this works particularly well for schools who want to develop their Teaching Assistants (TA’s).

The structure is outlined below:

Year one – this is a pre- initial teacher training (ITT) year. Interns will work as a TA in the first two terms, with some teaching or small group teaching in the third term. Training is provided throughout the year that revolves around the practicalities of working in a school and develops important skills, such as questioning and planning. Each intern has a mentor within their own school, with whom they will meet on a regular basis.

Costs - £450 for training and programme management. Salary – at least national living wage ( approx. £10,000)

Year two - interns will complete their ITT through the Postgraduate Teacher Apprenticeship.

Costs -£9000 for training. Paid for by the apprenticeship levy. Salary Unqualified Teacher rate 1.

Example timetable of the programme:

  • Application window October to February – apply via Teachincambs
  • Interviews – April
  • Placing interns in schools – April to July
  • Interns start at school September 2020
  • Apply for apprenticeship following April 2021, via UCAS for Year 2
  • QTS granted June 2021, End point assessment June 2021.

Main benefits for schools:

  • An additional way to acquire qualified teachers alongside your usual routes.
  • A chance to grow your own staff.
  • The chance to future-proof staffing issues, in a difficult recruitment climate.
  • CPD and mentoring opportunities for your existing staff, which could help retain them.
  • Utilise your apprenticeship levy money (£9000 per apprentice).

Main benefits for interns:

  • A chance to build up your skills and experience gradually; getting you ready for teacher training.
  • Get a salary during both training years.
  • Build a solid relationship with your school.
  • Training costs are covered by the apprenticeship levy for year 2.

If you are a Headteacher that would like to find out more information about the internship, please consult the documents below.

If you are a candidate that would like more information about how to apply, please visit the Teach in Cambridgeshire website.

Guidance for schools

CPTI for schools update 2020 v3
Size: 443KBFile format: pdf
Guidance for Primary Heads_interviewing interns
Guidance for Primary Heads interviewing interns
Size: 250KBFile format: pdf
Guidance for secondary Heads interviewing interns
Guidance for Secondary Heads interviewing interns
Size: 254KBFile format: pdf
School Internship SLA 2020
Size: 646KBFile format: pdf


Email:  Schools.Recruitment@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Telephone: 01480 379 775