LGSS Energy Management

LGSS Energy Management

Energy Management Team is tasked with measuring and monitoring energy consumption across the County Council's building portfolio, including all school buildings*. Using this information we work to improve energy efficiency and minimise energy costs. We also manage the County Council's participation in the Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme.

*Some academy schools may have direct contact with us anyway for the purpose of sharing consumption information only. 

For more information on our services, please view our brochure.

  • General advice on energy efficiency for your school including; energy surveys, cost effective energy efficient technologies, low cost activities to reduce consumption, school energy policy and strategy, renewable energy and sources of funding for energy projects. We can also help with more detailed aspects of project management and identifying suitable suppliers.

  • Legal compliance – dedicated support for procurement of Display Energy Certificates.

  • Data accuracy and analysis – we will liaise with suppliers on your behalf to enable Automated Meter Reading on your energy supply for more accurate billing. We can also advise on how this will help with better budgeting and identification of wasted energy use (for schools with gas/electricity supplied via ESPO contracts only).

  • Supply issues – we can liaise with suppliers on your behalf to resolve issues relating to your energy supply and/or meter e.g. meter upgrades and downgrades, voltage fluctuations (for schools with gas/electricity supplied via ESPO contracts only).

Fully-funded for Maintained Schools

Chargeable for Academies

Annual charge: £210 (inc. 4 hrs initial energy management support and advice)

Additional support: £40 - £60 per hr (depending on level of support required)


Energy Manager


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