Road Safety Education and Training

We offer road safety and school travel planning assistance, including tracking and monitoring using Modeshift STARS online travel planning tool.

We have resources available for use in and out of the classroom across Early Years, Primary and Secondary settings.  Go to our website


Services we offer:

Instructor training for volunteers or staff members to enable them to deliver:

Road Safety education resources including:

  • Road Safety toy bag loan for pre-schools and nurseries.
  • Exhibits, including the “Calorie Gallery” and reaction timers tailored to suit any audience.
  • Crash car simulator (16+ only).
  • Drive 2 Arrive workshops for post-16 students.
  • Theatre in Education for primary and secondary schools
  • Various road safety and sustainable travel classroom activities available to loan for all ages.

Classroom and/or on-road driver training for staff who drive as part of their work.

MiDAS minibus training required of ALL establishments operating Cambridgeshire County Council owned or insured minibuses to comply with the County Council’s Minibus Policy.


Service Charges

Fully Funded:

  • School travel planning assistance and advice
  • TravelSmart instructor training for volunteers

Road Safety education resources: currently fully funded for schools/colleges in Cambridgeshire.  Charges apply to other users as follows (full day / half day):

  • Large resources e.g. Calorie Gallery – £395 / £275
  • Table-top resources e.g. games – £150 / £90
  • Crash car simulator – £495 / £350

Midas Minibus training:

  • Standard course fee - £110 per driver
  • Accessible course fee – £210 per driver
  • Accessible upgrade fee - £110 per drive
  • Driving at Work training - from £50 per person (based on a minimum of 10)