Wellbeing Frameworks


All of our provision for PSHE in schools is based on a series of frameworks which set out the PSHE related learning to which children are entitled throughout their school careers from EYFS to the end of KS4. (Above are some examples. Download a full example here.)

These frameworks include areas which schools teach as part of PSHE and illustrate the progression of questions children and young people will engage with.

The frameworks may be used as an audit tool for ensuring coverage is comprehensive. They may also be used to plan cross-curricular work and specific PSHE coverage. Many schools also use them with members of the wider community who also provide services to young people in the field of PSHE, to ensure consistency or provision.

As these frameworks form the core of all our resources they are provided as part of the Personal Development Programme and Themesets.

Our Key Stage 3 and 4 Frameworks have recently been reviewed (Autumn 2017).

All our frameworks are consistent with current national, non-statutory guidance, provided by the PSHE Association.

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