Primary Development Programme

In September 2020, Relationships Education and Health Education will become statutory in all primary schools. Best practice evidence states that work in these areas shoud be delivered as part of a comprehensive PSHE programme. Purchasing a license for the Primary Personal Development programme will enable you to ensure that your provision is up to date and sets the new subject areas in the braoder context.

The Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme provides primary schools with all the resources needed to deliver a comprehensive PSHE curriculum from EYFS to year 6. It enables schools to review their current practice in PSHE and Citizenship and develop long term plans. Teachers can also access guidance on a range of teaching methodologies. The programme includes toolkits with up to date materials for reviewing and developing a range of policies and whole school practice.

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The PDP includes:

Wellbeing Frameworks that give a detailed, progressive overview of the entitlement for children’s personal development from 4 through to 11, consistent with all national guidance.

Areas of Work:

  • Myself and My Relationships
  • Healthy and Safer Lifestyles
  • Financial Capability
  • Citizenship

A complete Unit of Work for each cell in the Wellbeing Frameworks - 56 units and 12 enrichment units. Each unit contains all that teachers need to deliver high quality, progressive learning. The units are fully interactive with hyperlinks that immediately access teaching resources and extensive guidance on appropriate classroom techniques and approaches.

The PDP costs £650 and is in use in over 600 schools across the country.


‘The Cambridgeshire PDP is the most comprehensive and complete package for supporting the delivery of all aspects of PSHCE. Our teachers find the PDP simple and easy to navigate - shaping planning and providing precise assessment materials. The resources are fresh, modern and link to numerous online, relevant materials.’

Queensmead Community Primary School, Leicester