Key Stage 1 and 2

Primary Schools have a duty to promote wellbeing alongside academic achievement. Where the relationships between wellbeing and learning are recognised and developed, children thrive. PSHE makes an invaluable contribution to spiritual, moral, cultural and social development as well as enhancing personal development and behaviour. Ofsted have found a link between high achieving schools and the provision of high quality PSHE.

Cambridgeshire PSHE Service provides primary schools with a range of resources and services to enable each school to provide a complete PSHE programme and to develop the wellbeing of children throughout the school environment.

Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme

Our flagship resource for this sector is the Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme. The CPPDP offers resourced, curriculum materials for all aspects of PSHE from Reception to Year 6. Teachers are supported with Teacher Guidance to develop good practice. Managers are supported with a range of toolkits for enhancing whole school provision in key areas of policy and practice.


If you prefer to focus on one aspect of PSHE for the Primary age range e.g. Drugs Education or Sex and Relationships Education, you may purchase one theme as a Themeset, which includes resourced units of work, planning frameworks and policy toolkits related to that theme.

Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Programme

This empowering whole school programme teaches all children how to use simple conflict resolution processes so that they can resolve minor conflicts peacefully and independently. The programme also enables schools to train peer mediators and establish a peer mediation service.

Celebrating Girls' Friendships

This curriculum intervention programme is designed to support the development of positive relationships between all girls. It supports them to explore the complexities of their friendships including why they sometimes fall out and engage in destructive behaviours such as relational aggression and bullying. The programme equips girls to deal with difficulties between friends in an appropriate and constructive manner. It includes workshop materials for girls and mums and daughters.

Yes We Can - Raccoon Circles in the Primary School

This resource is a collection of practical activities and ideas for developing children’s confidence and social skills, especially skills relating to problem solving and team building.

Lunch Box Challenge

This resource includes a Unit of Work and materials to enable Year 5 and Year 6 pupils to ‘challenge’ parents/carers to help them make healthier packed lunches.


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