Early Years Foundation Stage

Both the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014) and the Common Inspection Framework for Early Years Settings (2015) recognise the integral relationship between health and learning and that children and young people learn and thrive when they are healthy, safe and engaged. The principle that ‘children learn best when they are healthy, safe and secure’ is reinforced by the emphasis within the EYFS on the three prime areas of learning and development: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language.

We offer resources to enable those working in the EYFS to review and develop practice and to develop a programme of activities for children in EYFS.

Promoting Health in Early Years Settings Programme

This programme supports settings in developing the social, emotional and physical health and wellbeing of children. It focuses on a number of health related themes including Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. The programme provides a review and development tool which will evidence good practice for Ofsted and national good practice standards.

Early Years and Foundation Stage Themeset

We have Units of Work providing cross curricular learning opportunities which focus on PSED, Physical Development and Communication and Language. These can be  to be tailored to the needs of your group, purchased as an EYFS Themeset and used in a variety of EYFS settings. A reception teacher may prefer to investigate the purchase of the Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme  for their school. The PPDP includes all the resources for use with EYFS.


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