Health Related Behaviour Survey


The survey, managed by the Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU), has a national reputation for its relevance across a wide range of important health and wellbeing issues.

The survey, which is of immense value to schools in their evaluation of personal wellbeing, also provides data that supports strategic planning for children and young people across Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire Primary subscribers are offered the opportunity to participate in the survey every year. All Year 8s and Year 10’s in Cambridgeshire secondary schools complete the survey every two years.

How do Schools use it?

Each school receives their own report and set of tables that compare their young people’s knowledge, behaviour, views and attitudes with those of young people in Cambridgeshire as a whole.

In addition schools are offered, through the PSHE Service, a range of further guidance, consultancy services and report formats that they may choose to purchase to enrich and develop their use of the survey results.


‘Useful for monitoring pupil wellbeing and evaluating what we are doing in school and to provide evidence for governors and others – LA and OFSTED’

‘We use HRBS as a means of addressing any issues that comes up in our school and need improving within the area of PSHE, both inside and outside of the classroom.  We also use it to measure the impact our current PSHE curriculum has on our children and if there are any gaps we need


Diane Fenner