Our Team

Please find below the members of our team. All advisory teachers deliver consultancy and support to schools, and can provide advice on PSHE and whole school aproaches to promoting wellbeing.

Manager PSHE Service

Annabel Talbot

Annabel leads on areas including emotional wellbeing, mental health, managing loss and change and developing pupil voice.

PSHE Advisers

Sasha Barker

Sasha leads on anti-bullying work, conflict resolution and celebrating girls’ friendships. She also leads on the Promoting Health in Early Years Settings Programme.

Steph Hoskin

Steph leads the development of the Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme.  She also leads on financial capability, healthy lifestyles and body image.

Cathy Murphy

Cathy  leads on sex and relationships education and drugs education. Cathy also leads the Kick Ash programme on smoking prevention amongst young people

Business Support

Carolyn Long

Justine Spencer

Life Education Team

Louise Augarde

Julie Gray

Development Manager Education Wellbeing

Diane Fenner