In School Support

Cambridgeshire PSHE Service offers tailored support for schools, both in and out of Cambridgeshire. Schools will be considering needs for training and development as they prepare for the statutory status of Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education in September 2020.

We offer CPD sessions, which address any of our areas of work.  These can be delivered in after school 'twilight' sessions, or as whole or part of professional training days. These can be adapted to your group size and composition.

If you are a Cambridgeshire Primary school who subscribes to the Primary Personal Development Programme, you will already receive regular consultancies to support with developing Wellbeing and PSHE in your school.

Non-subscribing primary and all secondary schools, both in and out of Cambridgeshire are also able to purchase both CPD and consultancies to meet your needs. See our Scales of Charges.

How can we help?

We have a range of tools to assist you in auditing, evaluating and developing areas of work within Wellbeing and PSHE – our Whole School Review resources.  We can provide in school consultancy for co-ordinators or other members of staff, within which these resources are often used.  Or you may prefer to focus on a specific, pre-identified task such as policy development, children and young people's participation or enhancing communication with parents.

We offer support across our areas of work

Audiences for INSET and Consultancies

We are skilled in adapting our programmes to meet the needs of mixed audiences. In some areas of our work, schools benefit greatly from inviting governors and support staff to INSET sessions. In other areas a focus on teaching staff is most appropriate. We will be happy to advise and discuss your specific needs with you in planning your session.

When planning a consultancy session, we will discuss beforehand the key people with whom to meet in order to meet your priorities.

Parent/Carer Awareness Sessions

When schools are developing policy or practice holistically, involving the school community, a parent or community awareness session is essential. Parent sessions for PSHE topics have a different purpose and flavour to standard ‘curriculum evenings’, as schools often wish to fully engage with parents rather than simply informing them ‘how school does things’. In order to support you, we will discuss your needs and tailor a session to support you, whatever your stage of development in an area.

We can provide Parent/Carer Awareness Sessions on:

Drug Education

Relationships and Sex Education

Body Image

Celebrating Girls' Friendships

Healthy Lifestyles


PSHE Charging sheet 2018-19

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