Safer Corridors Action Toolkit

Following the publication of the DfE advice Sexual Violence and sexual harassment between children in schools and colleges, Dec 2017, this toolkit offers ways of engaging with young people to prevent and reduce sexual harassment. It will enable young people and staff to devise and carry out actions to improve awareness and reduce incidents in their own school.

It is for use in any secondary school where leaders wish to develop or review their responses to sexual harassment or assault and address inequality, poor achievement and attendance issues amongst those affected.

As schools prepare for statutory RSE, it is essential that a school’s ethos and environment reflect and illustrate the skills and attitudes taught in the curriculum in order for real behaviour change to occur.

Who is the Action Toolkit for?

  • Teachers working with class groups in RSE or PSHE lessons.
  • Adults leading groups of peer mentors or leaders who provide support to other students.
  • Adults leading student councils or action groups.
  • Schools leaders planning training for staff on sexual harassment, assault and abuse.

What is in the Action Toolkit?

  • Background information concerning the national picture and current developments
  • A series of discussion based activities, which use a range of learning methodologies, to raise awareness, identify local issues and prompt local change
  • Links to associated documentation and teaching activities

The pack is available as a .pdf and costs £25.

To order the Safer Corridors Action Toolkit:


Phone: 01480 376256