Myself and My Relationships

Enabling children and young people to understand what constitutes healthy relationships and enabling them to build their social skills is one of the most important elements of an education, by anyone’s definition. Without social skills and an ability to create meaningful relationships, many would say that a young person is unprepared for adult life.

In a changing world, where ‘relationships’ may seem different to definitions of previous generations, all educators must see it as part of their role to equip children and young people with skills of reciprocity, emotional awareness and conflict resolution which will prepare them for enjoying a wide range of different relationships.

Work on relationship is directly link to work in other area of PSHE such as , Anti-bullyingRelationships and Sex Education and Personal Safety

Provision for development of Primary work on Relationships

We offer and range of resources to support learning about relationships with family and friends in Primary Schools:

The Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme will enable your school to develop and implement a complete PSHE and Citizenship programme from EYFS to Y6. It will support you in delivering Relationships Education and Health Education, which become statutory in September 2020. It provides all the resources for a high quality teaching programme, revisiting topics at 4 levels of learning for different age groups, through 66 interactive units of work. Teachers can also access guidance on a range of teaching methodologies and assessment materials. The programme includes toolkits with up to date materials for reviewing and developing policies, which will support the promotion of wellbeing across your school. PSHE leaders will be able to download all resources from our dedicated, regularly updated website. This resources is accredited by the PSHE Association.


Alongside units of work on developing a range of positive relationships, we provide a series of units of work and a theme set focusing on Anti-bullying.

Celebrating Girls’ Friendships

This curriculum intervention programme is designed to support the development of positive relationships between all girls. It supports them to explore the complexities of their friendships including why they sometimes fall out and engage in destructive behaviours such as relational aggression and bullying. The programme equips girls to deal with difficulties between friends in an appropriate and constructive manner. It includes workshop materials for girls and mums and daughters.

Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation

This empowering whole school programme teaches all children how to use simple conflict resolution processes so that they can resolve minor conflicts peacefully and independently. The programme also enables schools to train peer mediators and establish a peer mediation service.  

CPD for Staff  is available to meet your needs in building teacher confidence or support you with developing policy and practice.

Raccoon Circles This resource offers a different approach to building positive relationships.

Provision for development of Secondary work on relationships

We offer a range of resources to support in secondary schools:

Secondary Wellbeing Frameworks for PSHE  All of our materials for PSHE and Citizenship are based on a series of Wellbeing Frameworks which provide a developmental overview of all areas of learning. These frameworks build on national guidance for PSHE, identifying key areas of learning across the school curriculum.


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