Identity, Diversity & Community

The Equality Act (2010) places a duty on public authorities to eliminate discrimination and harassment, to advance equality of opportunity and to foster good relations between people from different backgrounds. DCSF guidance on Community Cohesion (2007) recommends that schools should teach children to explore their identity and their possible contribution to the local, national and global community. Many schools are serving diverse and increasingly mobile communities. Many children will have increasing opportunities, within school and in the local community, to develop positive relationships and friendships with others from a range of different lifestyles and backgrounds. Schools who serve less diverse communities must also enable children to explore cultural diversity in preparation for future life and experiences.

As part of the requirement for schools to provide Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development, they have to demonstrate how they promote British Values and address life in modern Britain. Teaching about identity and diversity is a primary vehicle for activities which address respect for others, tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions, discrimination, contributing to their locality and to society.

We offer and range of resources to support identity, diversity and community in Primary Schools:

The Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme will enable your school to develop and implement a complete PSHE and Citizenship programme from EYFS to Y6. It will support you in delivering Relationships Education and Health Education, which become statutory in September 2020. It provides all the resources for a high quality teaching programme, revisiting topics at 4 levels of learning for different age groups, through 66 interactive units of work. Teachers can also access guidance on a range of teaching methodologies and assessment materials. The programme includes toolkits with up to date materials for reviewing and developing policies, which will support the promotion of wellbeing across your school. PSHE leaders will be able to download all resources from our dedicated, regularly updated website. This resource is accredited by the PSHE Association.

CPD for Staff is available to meet your needs in building teacher confidence or support you with developing policy and practice.

We offer and range of resources to support Identities and Diversities in secondary schools:

Secondary Wellbeing Frameworks for PSHE  All of our materials for PSHE and Citizenship are based on a series of Wellbeing Frameworks which provide a developmental overview of all areas of learning. These frameworks build on national guidance for PSHE, identifying key areas of learning across the school curriculum.

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