Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy & Safer Lifestyles

It is becoming increasing important for the long term health of our nation that we develop children’s awareness, knowledge and understanding of the importance of being healthy and the range of factors which contribute to maintaining their health. As well as physical health, children’s emotional health plays a key part in their overall health and wellbeing and therefore work on healthy lifestyles cannot be seen in isolation. It should be delivered as part of a high quality and broad ranging PSHE Programme.

Teaching and learning about healthy lifestyles plays an important role in the government strategy to promote healthy weight in children. This is supported by the Department of Health ‘Change 4 Life’ campaign which includes a range of programmes and materials to support families and schools. The Physical Education and Sport Strategy through the Schools Sports Partnerships (SSPs) has raised the profile of physical activity within and outside the school curriculum.

Provision for development of Primary work on Healthy Lifestyles.

We offer and range of resources to support learning in this area in Primary Schools:

Primary Personal Development Programme  The Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme provides primary schools with all the resources needed to deliver a comprehensive PSHE curriculum from EYFS to year 6. It enables schools to review their current practice in PSHE and Citizenship and develop long term plans. Teachers can also access guidance on a range of teaching methodologies. The programme includes toolkits with up to date materials for reviewing and developing a range of policies. The customised software can be used to plan a teaching programme, access and distribute resources, and produce a wide range of reports and analyses.

Primary Healthy Lifestyles Themeset is a package designed to support primary schools in developing provision and also to review and develop policy and practice. It provides support in working with parents /carers and other members of the community.

CPD for Staff is available to meet your needs in building teacher confidence or support you with developing policy and practice.

Parents Healthy Lifestyles Awareness Sessions are available to support you in developing policy or raising awareness with your parent/carer body and the wider community. Healthy lifestyles is an obvious area where school alone cannot change the behaviour and choices of children without the positive support of parents and the wider community.

Provision for development of Secondary work on Healthy Lifestyles

We offer a range of resources to support this area in secondary schools:

Secondary Wellbeing Frameworks for PSHE All of our materials for PSHE and Citizenship are based on a series of Wellbeing Frameworks which provide a developmental overview of all areas of learning. These frameworks build on national guidance for PSHE, identifying key areas of learning across the school curriculum.

Food For Life

Food for Life schools are committed to improving food culture and wellbeing through healthy school meals, great lunchtimes and whole school food education. Any school can enrol with Food for Life. In addition, a funded programme runs in Cambridgeshire covering awards packages, training and support to schools and early years.  For more details visit:

Our Courses for Healthy Lifestyles Education

We offer courses on Healthy Lifestyles for schools staff and consultancy throughout the year and can devise INSET tailored to the needs of your school on request.


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