Drug Education

Good drug education is supported by a consistent, whole school approach and promoted by the provision of excellent PSHE. It is part of the entitlement for all children and young people, whatever their age, level of development or social, cultural or religious background.

Drug education is an important component in the wider area of risk education. Giving information about drugs alone will have a minimal impact on children and young people’s abilities to keep themselves safe with drugs. Good drug education will address issues of peer and media influence and will explore different responses to risk and challenge, develop assertiveness, improve communication with peers and adults and enable them to reflect on the factors that influence their decisions.

We offer a range of resources to support Drug Education in Primary Schools:

Primary Personal Development Programme The Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme provides primary schools with all the resources needed to deliver a comprehensive PSHE curriculum from EYFS to year 6. It enables schools to review their current practice in PSHE and Citizenship and develop long term plans. Teachers can also access guidance on a range of teaching methodologies. The programme includes toolkits with up to date materials for reviewing and developing a range of policies. The customised software can be used to plan a teaching programme, access and distribute resources, and produce a wide range of reports and analyses.

Primary Drug Themeset  is a package designed to support primary schools in developing drug education provision and also to review and develop policy and practice. It provides support in working with parents /carers and other members of the community.

Life Education Centres provides interactive on site provision for drugs and health education, delivered by highly skilled educators who will assist you in devising a programme to support your drug education and PSHE curriculum.

CPD for Staff is available to meet your needs in building teacher confidence or support you with developing policy and practice.

Drug Education Course is available annually – see course flyer.

Parents Drugs Awareness Sessions are available to support you in developing policy or raising awareness with your parent/carer body and the wider community.

We offer a range of resources to support this area in secondary schools:

Secondary Wellbeing Frameworks for PSHE All of our materials for PSHE and Citizenship are based on a series of Wellbeing Frameworks which provide a developmental overview of all areas of learning. These frameworks build on national guidance for PSHE, identifying key areas of learning across the school curriculum.

ACPO and DFE Guidance 2013 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/drugs-advice-for-schools

Principles for Good Drug Education http://mentor-adepis.org/the-principles-of-good-drug-education/  

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