Conflict Resolution & Peer Mediation

Myself and My Relationships

Conflict resolution and peer mediation programmes are becoming increasingly popular in schools. Research has shown that they can have a positive effect on children’s relationships and behaviour and help to reduce incidents of bullying in school. They also have the potential to enhance children’s learning through creating calmer, safer and more positive school environments.

We have produced a unique, inspiring programme to support schools to develop a whole school approach to resolving conflict peacefully. It also enables the development of a peer mediation service at the school.

The resource contains:

  • A conflict resolution programme with units of work for the Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2. The programme focuses on children’s interpersonal conflicts and the development of their knowledge, skills and attitudes, to equip them to resolve minor disputes and conflicts peacefully and more independently. 
  • A comprehensive training programme to train children to take an active role within the school’s Peer Mediation Service and assist other children in resolving their conflicts.
  • A review tool and guidance to support schools in planning and establishing a Peer Mediation Service.

The complete package costs £195 including postage and packing. The programme can also be purchased as part of a course. Contact the PSHE Service to place an order email  

Discounts and licencing packages together with training opportunities can be negotiated for Local Authorities or similar organisations considering a bulk purchase.

Our Courses for Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation

We offer courses on Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation for schools staff and consultancy throughout the year


  • “Pupils are safe and the new peer mediator system helps them to resolve any differences........ these roles have a positive effect on personal development and create a cohesive school community.” OFSTED Inspection Report, Cambridgeshire school
  • ‘Our peer mediation service has really blossomed with increasing numbers of children choosing to use the service to resolve minor playground disputes such as falling out over games and feeling left out by friends.' Head teacher, Cambridgeshire school
  • ‘We have seen some children flourish during the peer mediation training. These are children who would normally struggle with their learning.’ Class teacher
  • ‘I enjoy being a mediator because I love to see the little KS1 children playing together nicely.’  Mediator
  • ‘I thought becoming a peer mediator would help as I have experienced a lot of conflict myself.’ Mediator


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