Teach in Cambridgeshire: Teacher Internship Programme

Teacher Internship programme

During the Autumn term of the academic year, Teach in Cambridgeshire invites applications to our Teacher Internship programme for placement the following September of that year (subject to school availability). Our teacher internship is a two year paid programme providing an alternative route to QTS.

Benefits of the Teacher Internship for the intern:

  • For those not yet sure they want to be a teacher, this is a chance to sample what it is like before committing yourself to a PGCE or School Direct ITT course.
  • You will be able to earn approximately £25,000 over two years, with your training paid for. 

Benefits of the Teacher Internship for the school:

  • The chance to ‘grow your own’ staff.
  • The chance to future-proof staffing issues, in a difficult  recruitment climate which is predicted to become more challenging over the next two years,
  • CPD and mentoring opportunities for your existing staff, which could help retain them.

How does the Teacher Internship programme work?

A school/trust/cluster commits to taking on a specific number of interns from September of the application year.

Teach in Cambridgeshire advertises and accepts applications for the internship. Candidates that have been shortlisted will be invited to interview where there will be a panel of two Headteachers. Candidates invited for interview will also have to complete a short task with a group of students. The task differs for primary and secondary applicants.

After the interviews have been held, we pair recommended interns with schools that would like an intern.

Participating schools will be expected to provide training for all the interns on the Cambridgeshire programme, on a fortnightly rota basis. The training will revolve around the practicalities of working in a school as well as skills such as questioning, planning for differentiation etc. Each intern will have a mentor within their own school, with whom they will meet on a regular basis.

The rota will be organised by the LA’s Senior Adviser: Curriculum, Teaching & Leadership (acting on behalf of the Cambridgeshire Headteachers’ Staff Recruitment Group) who will also be responsible for monitoring the interns and quality assuring the experience that they receive.

If you are a Headteacher that would like to find out more information about the internship, please consult the documents below.

If you are a candidate that would like more information about how to apply, please visit the Teach in Cambridgeshire website.

Guidance for Primary Heads interviewing interns

Size: 248.71 KB File format: pdf

Guidance for secondary Heads interviewing interns

Size: 253.42 KB File format: pdf

Guidance for Heads appointing an intern v2

Size: 351.21 KB File format: pdf

School Internship SLA 2020

Size: 645.63 KB File format: pdf

From our Headteachers

  • "It is a way of investing in our team for the future and additional capacity so we can continue to provide quality first teaching regardless.”
  • “We wanted to be able to “grow our own” personnel and have the opportunity to develop someone who is clearly interested in teaching for the long term."
  • “By the end of the course they will have a greater experience than a PGCE and greater depth of experience of the profession due to being a colleague in one school over two years."

From our interns

  •  “I would recommend this approach to teacher training, especially for someone who is coming to teaching from another profession.”
  • “My school is as invested in my training as I am.”
  • It's paid! I simply could not have afforded to pay £9k for a PGCE and not be earning.”

Access to the Internship programme

Whilst access to the recommended interns isn't specifically included in the Teach in Cambridgeshire recruitment and retention offer, schools that have subscribed to the service get first choice when it comes to receiving information and appointing interns.

For more information about how to subscribe to the Teach in Cambridgeshire recruitment and retention offer, please click here.

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