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East Cambs and Fenland Project

Fenland and East Cambridgeshire Teacher Training Programme.

A two year programme leading to QTS, from September 2019 - July 2021.

Benefits for the school

  • The chance to grow your own staff.
  • The chance to future-proof staffing issues, in a difficult recruitment climate which is predicted to become more challenging over the next two years,
  • CPD and mentoring opportunities for your existing staff, which could help retain them.

Benefits for the trainee

  • You will receive comprehensive training which you will be able to apply in your school setting.
  • You will attain (by July 2020) a level 4 certificate in Supporting the learning of learners with SEND, and (by 2021) Qualified Teacher Status.
  • You will be able to earn approximately £25,000 over two years, with your training paid for.

Year one prepares the trainees for year two, by giving them a comprehensive school experience, relevant training and support. They will work as teaching assistants in their placement schools, with dedicated training time built into the programme. Successful completion of year one will guarantee an interview for an apprenticeship programme.

Training topics include: Being a teaching assistant

Teaching reading

SEND and the Code of Practice

How to be a reflective practitioner

Working with EAL and vulnerable groups

Behaviour Management

Creating a positive learning environment

Maths: reasoning & calculation

Formative assessment

Teacher wellbeing

Developing children’s independence

Talking to parents and other professionals

They will also receive during the year, a level 4 certificate in Supporting the learning of learners with SEND.

Year two they will follow a teacher apprenticeship programme: they will be teaching up to 80% of the week (depending on the individual and the school) and receiving training one day per week.

Qualifications required: a degree + English, Maths and Science (if primary) GCSE C or equivalent.

Trainees can complete their degree or gain other qualifications during year one if needed. Anyone who needs to achieve a GCSE equivalency in Maths, English or Science in order to progress to year two, will be able to access an online tutoring course in the relevant subject.

NB: this is a particularly appropriate route for those already working in a school in a support role.

We can help you with all aspects of the employment process, including the contract.

Comments from trainees who have followed a similar route:

  • My school is as invested in my training as I am.
  • It's paid! I simply could not have afforded to pay £9k for a PGCE and not be earning.
  • I like the fact that it’s two years – it takes you on a slower pace. It has prepared me not just for school but for work itself - this is my first full time job.
  • We are trusted to be invested in our own learning – the portfolio is for us, not to prove something to someone.
  • I feel incredibly supported by the other members of staff.
  • As a person who had never been in a British school before, this is a way for me to get to know the school system here before becoming a teacher.

Comments from schools:

  • It is really exciting to have someone you can train in your school and make them the kind of teacher you want them to be.
  • Our school is growing. As a mentor it’s great to have someone so enthusiastic and with so many new ideas.
  • This is much more tailored to the individual – they can move at a pace appropriate to them.
  • They are working with colleagues who are experiencing the job on a day to day to basis. They know what it’s really like; they can make an informed choice about being a teacher.
  • They are part of the team. They really feel like they belong to the school.
  • Chance to boost their confidence in the first year so that they are ready for the second year.
  • They don’t have to start from scratch in their ITT year: they already have relationships with staff and students.

Costs to schools

Year one

Trainee employed as a TA on minimum wage1 (approx. £9800 + on-costs). Schools receive £2000 towards this salary.

 Schools provide a dedicated mentor2 for the trainee. Schools receive £750 to pay for mentor release time.

Year two

Trainee employed as an apprentice teacher on UQT scale point 1. Schools receive £2000 towards this salary, plus a direct grant from the DfE according to subject (currently £2500 for primary; £7500 or £12500 for secondary).3

 Schools provide a dedicated mentor for the trainee. Schools receive £750 to pay for mentor release time.

If your FTT is a current employee, you can continue to pay them at their current rate.

2 The mentor will need to dedicate one hour per fortnight in year one/one hour per week in year two, and attend 2 days’ mentor training during the programme.

3 Figures accurate at the time of writing: Oct 2018.

You may already have a member of staff – a teaching assistant, perhaps – who would be eligible to start the programme in Sept 2019, or you might want us to recruit someone suitable for you. In either case, please let us know if you would be interested in being part of this initiative.

Please contact   if you would like further information.