Learning Bus

Learning Bus

The Learning Bus is funded by the New Street Ragged School Trust (charity number 376082), with the support of the Local Authority. The charity has been operating for ten very successful years from an initial fund, which was exhausted at the end of this academic year.  The trustees would like to invite expressions of interest from individuals or groups, to take on the Bus to use in the service of the charity’s original purpose, which is the advancement of education in particular by providing opportunities for learning for young people and their families in the area of benefit  (ie, Cambridge City).

The estimated annual expenses for the Learning Bus are:

  • Road Tax £200 per year
  • Insurance approx. £800 per year
  • Fuel (based on CCC usage around Cambridge) £400
  • Chassis Cab inspections x4 per year (approx £200each) = £800 (Mandatory)
  • Chassis Cab MOT = £400 (Mandatory)
  • Alfa tail lifts service and inspction x2 pa (£133 each) = £266 (Mandatory)
  • Other mechanical repairs - approx £2000 per year

Please send expressions of interest, by 5th December 2017 and addressing the following questions, to helen.manley@cambridgeshire.gov.uk.

    • Who are you? 
    • What do you do? 
    • Why do you want the Bus? 
    • How will your proposed use meet the charity’s purpose? 
    • How will you fund the maintenance and running costs of the Bus?


Helen Manley

Senior Adviser: Curriculum, Teaching and Leadership