Health and Safety Curriculum

We deal with all aspects of specialist curriculum including Health and Safety for Art and Design, Design and Technology, PE and Science, including statutory auditing arrangements.

Services and Charges:

Guidance, advice and support via telephone and or email to provide up to date subject specific Health & Safety guidance for the relevant subject.

  • The services of a Radiation Protection Officer, which is mandatory following the purchase of the CLEAPSS RPA Service through Cambridgeshire County Council. The half day support comprises advice and guidance by email or telephone and a visit to meet with the Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS). The purpose of the visit is to monitor practice and procedure, check that sources are appropriately stored, check the record of sources is up to date, that leakage tests are routinely being undertaken and to provide up to date information on new documentation and changes in legislation.  For further details please contact Stuart Wood,, 01223 699122.

  • The three yearly full curriculum audit (on an annual rotation of subjects – Art and Design & Technology, PE and Science) meeting with the subject leader to survey the full range of specialist facilities and equipment and spaces where the subject is taught and review the current documentation, policies and practices of the department that contribute to a safe learning environment for both staff and pupils.

  • Full incident investigation procedure.

  • Training leading to a Food Hygiene certification (required by all teachers involved in Food Technology).

  • Training on a range of machinery and hand tools in Design and Technology.

    For Art and Design, Design Technology, PE and Science, charging will be at the following rate.

    £510 per day (plus travel)

    £120 per hour (plus travel)


Ian Roberts - Adviser for Physical Education and Sport

 01480 379 077