Asset Management

Asset Management

The delegation of budgets and responsibilities, particularly those around school property management and maintenance, means that schools have a vital role to perform in discharging good stewardship.  It is important that schools manage and maintain their buildings to a standard that complies with legal requirements.

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) plays a key role in the strategic decision-making of all schools and academies by informing effective use of Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) to ensure that. 

Services and Charges

  • A site visit to update the existing plan and discussion with the relevant professional.
  • An updated copy of the relevant Asset Management Plan in both hard and electronic format.

NB. A Condition assessment is not part of this package. Schools need to make their own arrangements for condition surveys through their Property Advisor.

Each AMP involves:

  • An assessment of the general suitability of a school’s accommodation, covering the size and shape of individual spaces, the environment within them, the location of spaces, the ICT infrastructure and the appropriateness of the fixed furniture.
  • A Net Capacity assessment, from which an indicated admission number is derived, this can be compared to the school’s Published Admission Number (PAN).

A floor plan. This could either be a comprehensive, measured survey or a key plan, depending on the information available, identifying all the rooms and areas within the school.

Each AMP Cost is based on a sliding scale according to school size (by number of forms of entry):

  • 1 FE Primary/Infant Junior £350
  • 2 FE Primary/Infant Junior £450
  • 3 FE Primary/Infant Junior £550
  • 4 FE Secondary £650
  • 5 FE Secondary £750
  • 6 FE Secondary £850
  • 7 FE Secondary £950
  • 8 FE Secondary £1050
  • 9 FE Secondary £1150
  • 10 FE Secondary £1250


Alison Revell - Education Capital Projects Manager, Infrastructure

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