Apprenticeship Guidance for Schools

Apprenticeships: Guidance for Cambridgeshire Schools

As an employer, apprenticeships provide you with a valuable member of staff who will be developing their skills and/or gaining experience while working for your school.

The government has introduced a number of new reforms to the way that Apprenticeships are offered, managed and provided. Apprenticeships can now be offered to employees of all ages. You can recruit apprentices and/or use apprenticeships for existing members of staff as part of their CPD if an individual needs significant new knowledge and skills which will help them in their role and future progression.  

A guide detailing the opportunities and benefits to being an apprentice can be found at:

Apprenticeship opportunities for existing staff or new recruits can include apprenticeships in: Early Years, Teaching Assistant, Business Administration, Finance, IT, Management, Catering, Facilities Management & Creative Digital Media. There is more information about specific apprenticeships that might be of interest to schools or settings, in the guidance booklet.

For information on how to recruit an apprentice, and how to draw down funding from the levy to pay for the training, please see our guidance booklet.


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