Apprenticeship Guidance for Schools

As an employer, apprenticeships provide you with a valuable member of staff who will be developing their skills and/or gaining experience while working for your school.

Maintained schools for the purposes of the apprenticeship levy are considered employees of Cambridgeshire county council. This is why maintained schools pay into the levy through the county council. This means that maintained schools wanting to employ an apprentice must follow the same procurement process as the county council.

The county council has a partner organisation LGSS who is their preferred supplier for apprenticeships. Any apprenticeships that are not offered by them must be procured through open competition. The apprenticeships that they offer and relevant to schools are:

In some cases LGSS have already procured apprenticeship contracts with a large cohort allowing for schools to join in after they have opened. The contract that is currently open are to Cambridgeshire schools is:

Apprentices that would currently need to be procured:

If you are a maintained school your please make an initial enquiry with our apprentices procurement manager, Jon Hornagold ( Jon will ask you to fill in an enquiry form for you as an employer and one for the potential apprentice. They are both below.  She will also guide you through the process of identifying, recruiting and monitoring your apprentice.  You must follow the process to avoid delays and to provide the best possible clarity for all parties involved.

The government has introduced a number of new reforms to the way that Apprenticeships are offered, managed and provided. Apprenticeships can now be offered to employees of all ages. You can recruit apprentices and/or use apprenticeships for existing members of staff as part of their CPD if an individual needs significant new knowledge and skills which will help them in their role and future progression.  

A guide detailing the opportunities and benefits to being an apprentice can be found at:

 To make sure your potential apprentice is eligible for levy funding please complete the forms below:


Bianca Forbes for advice on the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) Account:

 Lynne Birch - Schools Engagement Adviserer

01480 379 775 or 07920 806803