SEND Advisory Team

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We draw on over thirty years of experience working with pupils and students, staff and schools to improve outcomes for those with SEND, to offer support from the Learning Directorate for schools in developing their strategic approach to identifying, supporting and making provision for pupils with SEN.  In particular we work to ensure SENCOs have the most up to date information on National, Regional and Local initiatives.

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For Governors

  • We can provide training to ensure Governors understand their statutory responsibilities and give guidance on how to support their schools in meeting those requirements.

For Headteachers and senior leaders

  • We can offer SEN/Inclusion reviews to support schools in improving their provision for SEND
  • We can provide training and support for schools in engaging with families and pupils.

For SENCos

  • Termly briefings
  • Bespoke support as required

For Teachers

  • We can provide a variety of training in all aspects of SEND provision in the classroom.
  • We can offer specific training in developing positive conversations with parents.

For Teaching Assistants

  • We can support them to more effectively work with pupils with SEND.

For Parents and Carers

  • We can offer sessions for parents to support them in understanding their child’s needs and helping them to support their child.

Assessments to help teachers and SENCo (December 2018)

Exclusion Guidance

Exclusion Guidance (Sept 2017)1.46MBpdf
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CCC PSP Parents Questionnaire

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Using CCC PSP for Practitioners branded

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Exclusion Guidance - Template Letters Managed Move forms

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