School to School Support

School to School Support

The purpose of this section is to bring together, in one place, links to and information about, the rapidly increasing opportunities for school to school support in Cambridgeshire. There are eight Teaching School Alliances and a growing cadre of National, Local and Specialist Leaders of Education, and National Leaders of Governance. There are many other partnerships and collaborations that are having a real benefit on educational outcomes.

Below you will find collated lists of NLGs, LLEs, NLEs and SLEs in the county.

National Leaders of Governance 17

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Cambs SLE List Jan 18

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LLE and NLE in Cambs List Jan 18

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Teaching School Alliance - CPD and Leadership Collaborative Working. Click here to see the combined course/conference and network list.

A new leadership development and CPD strategy group came together in April 2016 to explore the possibility of building a clearer picture of the professional development offer in Cambridgeshire. This group crosses county boundaries, and includes representation from all Teaching School Alliances who work with Cambridgeshire schools and the Local Authority. The group has been discussing its ‘core purpose’. Two key elements of this include:

  • clearly identifying and communicating the leadership development and CPD offer from Cambridgeshire facing TSAs and the Local Authority to schools;
  • undertaking needs analysis of leadership development and CPD, helping to identify gaps in provision, location, workforce entitlement, and then considering how best these could be addressed.

The group agreed as its first task to create an overview document to provide a snapshot of the whole leadership development and CPD offer for schools in Cambridgeshire.  This has proved a challenging task. The group aimed to consolidate the information currently available from a range of sources, not only to make it easier to spot the right course, but also to ensure that in the long term, collectively we are creating programmes which complement and respond to the strategic leadership development and CPD needs of the county.

Click here to access the combined leadership and CPD list.


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