Teaching Assistant Conference 2018

This page is for all of the teaching assistants (TA), that came to the recent Cambridgeshire TA conference 26th April.  The presentation slides from the workshops are below so that you can share them with colleagues at your school or cluster.  Also below are the contact details for all the people who led them so that you can continue conversations with them about further training or questions about the materials.

Next year's event wil be Thursday 25th April, Marriott Hotel, Huntingdon.

metacognition workshop

Size: 305.25 KB File format: pdf

Phonics spelling workshop

Size: 2.69 MB File format: pdf

The Resilience Doughnut TA conf 18

Size: 308.01 KB File format: pdf

Gaps and misconceptions in Maths

Size: 771.32 KB File format: pdf

Prep for KS2 Maths

Size: 1.75 MB File format: pdf

Workshop Contacts List

Contact: Lynne Birch

Schools Engagement Adviser


01480 379 775