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Raising Attainment in Year 1

The Raising Attainment in Year 1 Project is an exciting 1-year CPD programme for Year 1 teachers. For the past two years the project has successfully supported schools to raise attainment for identified children in Year 1 and has helped teachers to improve their own, and other colleagues', practice.

 The project aims to:

  • Support teachers and TAs to improve the attainment of identified children in writing or maths 
  • Provide CPD for Year 1 teachers, teaching assistants and SLT to ensure clarity around age-related expectations and progression across the year
  • Support staff subject knowledge and confidence related to teaching and learning in one or more of the following areas: phonics, reading, writing and/or maths

In 2017/18, English and Maths Advisers worked with teachers and teaching assistants from 11 Cambridgeshire schools; and in 2018/19 advisers supported a further 10 schools. Participating teachers commented:

  • "Taking part in the project has improved my confidence and subject knowledge" Year 1 Teacher
  • "The students now demonstate better learning behaviours and settle more quickly to their work" Year 1 Teacher
  • "The majority of children in my class made good or better progress" Key Stage 1 Leader

In 2019/20 we will be provided training and bespoke  support to participating schools. 

This support focuses on raising attainment in either writing or maths; and includes one or more of the following:

  • support with diagnostic assessment to identify students' areas for development and/or barriers to learning
  • support with action planning and evaluation
  • planning and assessment support
  • providing bespoke professional development through leading training sessions for teachers and/or teaching assistants
  • moderation of teacher assessments and identifying areas for further development 
  • identifying useful resources and modelling how to use them effectively

If you're interested in taking part in the Raising Attainment in Year 1 Project, please contact Rosemarie Sadler by emailing or contact Emma Fuller, Lead Adviser for English and Maths, by sending an email to 

Diminishing the Difference: supporting disadvantaged pupils in mathematics

The Cambridgeshire Maths Team have created an ambitious project to support schools with identifying and addressing barriers to learning in mathematics for disadvantaged pupils in Key Stage 2.

The project intends to improve progress and attainment for disadvantaged children in mathematics, throughout Key Stage 2.  To achieve this, schools work with a link maths adviser to identify a group of disadvantaged pupils in Year 3, create a bespoke action plan and track the progress of the children throughout the year.

Support and training

Teachers, senior leaders and teaching assistants are invited to training sessions where the vision for the project is shared, along with relevant and up-to-date education research findings.  Maths advisers offer a range of strategies that are proven to address common barriers to learning, as well as tips for identifying and diagnosing misconceptions. A large focus for many participating schools is supporting disadvantaged pupils with improving their knowledge and recall of key number facts.  In addition to these training events, teachers are supported with in-school visits from their link maths adviser.

Throughout the year teachers are asked to submit attainment data and, at the end of the year, teachers and senior leaders are asked to complete a short 'case study'. The case study gives schools a chance to reflect on the project and provide feedback to the project leaders.

What happens after the first year?

The Diminishing the Difference project continues after the first year, with ongoing bespoke support throughout Years 4, 5 and 6.

At the start and end of each of each year, teachers and senior leaders are invited to a training event - where advisers and schools can share strategies and success stories. In between these events, schools continue to work with their link maths adviser implementing, evaluating and updating their action plan termly.

Project Impact

The first year of the project was a great success, with 88% of identified pupils making expected or better progress.  You can download and read a summary of the project findings, below.

How do we get involved?

If you work in a school that would be interested in taking part, please contact us by emailing 

Raising Attainment in Year 1 evaluation (2018-19) anon

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