Leadership Advisers

Leadership Advisers

With the exception of Curriculum and Standards, the Leadership Advisers assist and guide School Leadership Teams in relation to all areas of school Leadership and Management, particularly Safeguarding and improving standards for Disadvantaged pupils.

For more information, join our group on Knowledge Hub: https://khub.net/web/education-advisory-team 

The Leadership Toolkit

The Leadership Toolkit is a suite of resources to help policy makers, practitioners and relevant stakeholders (in schools and academies across the Local Authority) improve standards in key areas of leadership including; Safeguarding, Governance, Disadvantaged Pupils, Teaching and Learning, Assessment, Maths, English, Foundation Subjects, Special Educational Needs, Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare.

For more information about the toolkit, visit: https://khub.net/group/the-leadership-toolkit/group-home



Diane Stygal - Senior Leadership Adviser 

diane.stygal@cambridgeshire.gov.uk  01223 507115