Home Learning Opportunities

Home Learning - Advice for Schools

Since the announcement of school closures, we have been working hard to create and collate the best home learning resources available for children and their families.

In the document downloads section below you will find guides to support you with directing parents and children to free, high-quality resources. There is information about the Home Learning Hub - our one-stop-shop of amazing resources linked to all areas of the curriculum (and more!); as well as home learning guides for parents and carers.

Documents containing advice for home learning

Home Learning Opportunities522KBpdf
Size: 522KBFile format: pdf
ReadingWise for Schools156KBpdf
Size: 156KBFile format: pdf
Home Learning Hub Logo
Home Learning Hub

Challenges, Projects, Study Packs and More on The Home Learning Hub

Our team of advisers, in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, have created amazing activities for children of all ages. There are study topics, projects and an wonderful range of challenges. You can download some of these below and find the rest on the Home Learning Hub.

Challenges on the Home Learning Hub

The challenges we have created are fun, short activities for children and their parents. On the challenges page, you will find a wide range of things to do. Here is just a sample of what you can find on the Home Learning Hub.

English and Maths Challenges for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

20 English Challenges KS1490KBpdf
Size: 490KBFile format: pdf
Indoor Maths Challenges KS1319KBpdf
Size: 319KBFile format: pdf
Outdoor Maths Challenges KS1383KBpdf
Size: 383KBFile format: pdf
20 English challenges KS2715KBpdf
Size: 715KBFile format: pdf
Indoor Maths Challenges KS2317KBpdf
Size: 317KBFile format: pdf
Outdoor Maths Challenges KS2363KBpdf
Size: 363KBFile format: pdf


Our team of advisers are always looking for more ways to help you to support home learning and to inspire children to engage their curiosity.

The projects that we have created guide children to interesting and fun activities which they can do at home, on their own or with their families. The following projects are just a sample of what you can find on the Home Learning Hub.

Outdoor Learning Projects

Outdoor Art Project814KBpdf
Size: 814KBFile format: pdf
Garden Project31.24MBpdf
Size: 1.24MBFile format: pdf

Study Topics

Study topics are a fun way to join learning from different curriculum areas together. Children can learn about a topic in ways that interest them, following their own lines of enquiry. Whilst all of the topics could be accessed and enjoyed by older children, some topics have been made with younger children in mind - such as the Dinosaur Study Topic or the People Who Help Us Study Topic. Here is a sample of some of the study topics we have created. You can find more on here: https://www.cambslearntogether.co.uk/home-learning/other-subjects

Study Topics

Country Study Topic937KBpdf
Size: 937KBFile format: pdf
Pirates Study Topic1.03MBpdf
Size: 1.03MBFile format: pdf
Survival Study Topic416KBpdf
Size: 416KBFile format: pdf