Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board - Leadership Projects

Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board

On this page you will find the summary of the leadership project approved by the Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board for 2018.

Project 1  Summary: This is a cluster-based approach to School Improvement. It develops a culture of partnership working through school self-evaluation, peer review and school-to-school support. Funding from this bid will ensure that at least 8 identified schools within the cluster will undertake a review during this academic year.

Lead School/Body: Abbots Ripton, on behalf of the Hunts Area Primary Partnership.

Phase: Primary

Area: Hunts

Schools Involved: Abbots Ripton, Hartford Infant School, Hartford Junior School, Houghton
St Annes, St Johns, Stukeley Meadows, Wyton On The Hill

Impact Evaluation:

Training to date:
*Headteachers from the cluster attended a session with Helen Barker from The Kyra School to ensure that all Heads had a clear understanding of the peer review process and its strengths as a tool for school improvement.
* Improvement Champion training has taken place to ensure that we have colleagues from across the cluster with the skills and knowledge to lead the Improvement Workshop at the end of each review.
*Lead Reviewer training has taken place to ensure that all Heads who are leading Reviews understand the process and their responsibilities and the expectation placed on them. 
Resources produced:
*A Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that all schools involved in Peer Review understand their roles and responsibilities.  This document is signed by all schools in the Peer Review Partnership.
*A Procedures and Protocol for the review which sets out the process and what needs to happen at each stage.
*Concerns protocol – document shared prior to all Peer Reviews which sets out what to do if you are concerned about anything that you see in a school that you are reviewing e.g. linked to Safeguarding or Health and safety.
*A template letter for schools to complete and send to the Review school so that details of the review team can be added to their Single Central Record.
*A timetable template for each review has been designed to ensure that all staff understand their commitment.
*We have produced templates for what will be recorded as part of the pre-meet as well as the outcomes document following the review.
3 reviews have taken place to date.