Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board - Cultural Entitlement Projects

Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board

On this page you will find summaries of the three cultural entitlement projects approved by the Cambridgeshire School Improvement Board for 2018.

Project Title: Football SambaFest - UPDATED!

Lead School/Body: Cambridgeshire Music and Cambridge United Football Club
Phase: Primary
Area: South Cambs
Schools Involved: St Luke’s, Abbey Meadows, Mayfield , Cottenham VC

This is an exciting initiative to provide an innovative cross curricular project in a new collaboration between Cambridge United FC and Cambridgeshire Music.


  • To engage schools and students in a wider cultural experience
  • To develop students’ self-esteem and feeling of self-worth
  • To raise aspirations so all students can achieve their potential
  • To include SEND students, with a particular focus on D/deaf students

 The project will provide:

  • A football workshop with a CUCT coach
  • 3 Samba workshops with Cambridgeshire Music staff
  • An opportunity to perform within your school
  • A performance at half time at a live football match
  • A tour of Glass Stadium with rehearsal and performance on 17th March 2018

 Learning Objectives

 Musically students will:

  • Work with musical professionals external to their school environment
  • Develop a greater understanding of Samba music culture and be able to recognise instruments and their different functions
  • Develop ensemble performance skills and have the opportunity to perform in a large Samba ensemble
  • Show awareness of structure in Samba music and begin to respond to samba leaders directions for calls and breaks.
  • Have experiences performing different samba instruments and have developed a good performance on one part.

In addition students will:

  • Develop self confidence in themselves to enhance well being
  • Develop co-ordination/agility skills
  • Develop their football skills and awareness of their local football club

 IMPACT Survey 1:

Students in 4 schools that were participating in SambaFest were given impact surveys:

  • Cottenham Village College
  • Abbey meadows primary school
  • Mayfield primary school [mainstream and Hearing Support Centre]
  • St Luke’s primary school

After this CUCTdelivered a football workshop and Cambridgeshire Music delivered 3 Samba drumming workshops.

It was decided during the project that to best analyse the impact of the project the 2nd survey would be completed after the performance on 17th March. This will help to reflect on whether student’s attitudes toward football and music changed and whether it had a positive impact upon inclusion and well-being.

 Headline data from Impact Survey 1:

Abbey Meadows:

  • A significant percentage of students have watched football on TV and played football at school.
  • In total only 30% of students have seen their local football club, Cambridge United play
  • Just under ½ of the girls and 3/4 of boys play football with a team
  • Both genders enjoy watching and playing football
  • Students do not have access to regular curriculum music
  • Around ½ of boys and a 1/3 of girls play an instrument but only 7% have instrumental tuition
  • Students enjoy listening and playing music


Project 2: Realising Potential

Lead School/Body: Chesterton Community College
Phase: Primary
Area: South Cambs
School Involved: In the first year, we will work with 10 students from each of five schools

Realising Potential: Empowering disadvantaged students through the acquisition of cultural capital.
The aim of this project is to develop a sustainable model for delivering cultural opportunities to the most disadvantaged KS3 learners in Cambridge City secondary schools.

Impact Evaluation:

We have recruited 5 schools – Chesterton, Cottenham, Netherhall, North Cambridge Academy and St Bede’s. All schools have recruited up to their quota of 10 students and have had no issue with doing so. Emails from school leaders suggest that the students are very keen to be part of the project, as are the staff. I have received lots of ‘thank you’ emails and comments about how such a project will help to build cultural capital so I am confident that the project is needed. Our first event will be Saturday 17th March – a trip to the Abbey Stadium to watch Cambridge United play. We have also got offers of experiences from the Houses of Parliament, the Institute of Astronomy and a Park Run. We’re working on recruiting other providers. So far, everyone who has been approached has been very happy to help as soon as we have explained the scope of the project to them – again suggesting that the project is supported and needed.